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Questions are due by 11:59pm Thursday, October 28.


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  1. MldMnrdReporter

    @RocketPunch: I could swear I saw a response from Mattel in a Q&A where they said that they stopped using it because it was unpopular. Same as the ship all at once option.

  2. Mario

    Will Toy Fair '11 be the earliest we hear of, or see what's in store for your Voltron line?

    Also, if I may, Poe, seeing that it's not a retail line, will you guys be showing any new MOTUC at Toy Fair '11, regardless?

    Thanks Poe.

  3. RocketPunch

    @MldMnrdReporter: Actually that's not why they got rid of Paypal. Mattel said that because the items sell out so quickly, all payment methods needed to be instantaneous.

  4. Mose

    @Reverend Ender: I second Reverend Ender's MOTUC question. At least half my collection can't stand. When will we see actual improvements in this line.

  5. Mose

    @MldMnrdReporter: Well that's just dumb. You'd think it would be smart to have more options to pay than not.

  6. RM

    Your Shawn Michaels WWE figures have been great, but have all been missing one important thing: chest hair.

    HBK just looks incomplete without some painted on chest hair.

    Could you please rectify this going forward?


  7. dayraven

    @Gargamel: gargamel, think of motuc less as a present to the fans, and more of a gauntlet… matty's modus operandi this whole time has been "make motuc something that only a complete lunatic would be willing to endure for something he quixotically loved"

    as for questions…

    does mattel make appearances at WWE events? it seems like Wrestlemania Fan week would be a fine time to set up a booth with new product and would give mattel a chance to score big with the WWE Universe. Also, has Mattel considered working with the WWE to make co-branded exclusives for say, the Make a Wish Foundation?

  8. Gargamel

    I just found out about this new line of He-Man figures, so I'm pretty new to this, but why does it seem so hard to buy these toys?

  9. Reverend Ender

    Amongst other problems, (paint apps, clicking gears on one) my 3 out of 4 of the ankles on my 2 Robotos are loose and are made of a very pliable and rubbery plastic. This of course makes it very difficult for him to stay standing on the shelf. I wish I could say that this were an isolated incident, unfortunately I have this issue with almost all of the MOTUC figures that I have been able to purchase. PLEASE tell me that the quality of these rather expensive figures will be improving, and particularly WHEN we should start seeing some better ankles.

  10. Reverend Ender

    The quality of the plastic used on the WWE women, as well as their proportions (especially their arms and hands) is quite good, and far superior to what we are seeing in DCUC. Is there any chance of getting some of these great features on our DCUC women?

  11. Mysterious Stranger

    We know you can't comment on things that haven't been announced yet but fans are wondering about the Back to the Future license. Can you tell us what kinds of products you are considering for this line (6" figures, die-cast cars, etc)? Also is Toy Fair too soon to expect to see something from this new product line?

  12. Mark

    Okay Matty you have done what Jakks couldn't do and produced not only Ricky Steamboat and the iconic Macho Man Randy Savage and also Brian Pillman in his Hart Foundation outfit.

    When can we expect Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in there 97 attitude eara outfits….FYI Shawn would need a new head sculpt.

  13. MldMnrdReporter

    @Stephen: They had PayPal and took it off the site because no one used it.

  14. Is Mattycollector ever going to look into alternative payment options (IE: paypal) for online sales? Some of us don't have credit cards that work on your site, and would to have other avenues for buying your product.

  15. Snarf! Snarf!

    Is it possible to get some official info regarding the Power levels and extent of the abilities of MOTU characters (Including PoP, NA, etc.) somewhere down the line. Since the bios are focused on the story we can't get that info. (the following are examples)
    Things like: "Can Beastman control sea creatures, or is that Mer-Man's job? or Where does Mekaneck keep that huge amount of Neck and other organs within his body? or How strong is He-Man compared to King Grayskull?"

  16. MldMnrdReporter

    What steps are being taken to make sure Quality Control on MOTUC improves in the future? We know it wasn't a factory error regarding Roboto (his shoulders were clearly tooled incorrectly). $30 a figure after taxes and shipping is quite a bit of money to spend each month and it'd be nice to make sure we don't get a defective product.

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