Now that’s a novel way of showing off a figure’s articulation. In this particular case it’s also really, really creepy.


Pic of the Day > Penny from The Walking Dead by McFarlane Toys by Colonel Raines


Pic of the Day > Samus Aran – Metroid (figma) by sir_winger


  1. _RZ_

    Awesome video! Reminds me of the old Diaclone commercials. I agree with everyone else- I would love to see more toy companies and toy blogs do these. Stop-motion He-Man needs to happen.

    Here's a guy I saw last year doing some model kit and Transformers reviews in the stop-motion style:

  2. Ben

    That was amazing!!
    More toy companies need to promote their toy lines like this!!
    As a big MOTUC fan, we haven’t seen anything like this from Mattel. Mattycollector does a few sneak-peak videos, but this shows just how well a toy can be promoted! You need to lock in 2014 subs, then do something like this, don’t just leave in the hands of the fans!!!!
    11/10 for the makers behind that video!

  3. ridureyu

    When does this come out? how much will it cost?

  4. Dark Angel

    …not so much "creepy" as actually kinda adorable. Also, very talented/patient filmmaker.

  5. dayraven

    if you start doing figure reviews in video, this should be the opening (well, not this sepcifically, but a segment like it)

  6. SpartanNerd

    Love it!!! Wish I could do that,

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