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CollectionDX The Show – Episode 87 (w/ guest appearance by yours truly)

I was a guest on CDX’s Youtube show this week, part of a promotion for the Super Review War. If you’ve ever wondered what I look or sound like, here’s a chance for nearly a full hour of that – or for however long you can stand it.

We spend some time discussing the reviews, as well as some other toy news and tidbits. I had a lot of fun. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Now that’s a novel way of showing off a figure’s articulation. In this particular case it’s also really, really creepy.

Video Review > Rattlor (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

Poe’s Note: That’s right, at long last I’ve caved in to the fact that video reviews are the wave of the future. It’s where the money is, yo. And so to commemorate PGPoA’s first official foray into the world of video reviews, I’ve enlisted Doc Thomas to review one of the MOTUC figures I’ve yet to cover, Rattlor. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and just maybe, you’ll learn a little something about yourself. Enjoy.



Somebody made a shot-for-shot live action version of Toy Story

This is what Topless Robot would call an Impressive Act of Nerdery. It’s the entire movie, folks. Yes, one could make negative comments about why anyone would do this and whether it’s a waste of time, but it looks to me like way too much fun was had here to care about that. I admire the commitment and the DIY cleverness.

Thanks to PrfktTear for the tip!

Warlords of the Universe…?

Presented without comment…

Video > Sculpting Toys with Scott Hensey

I’m willing to bet most Poesters can name the Four Horsemen, and probably quite a few recognize names like Kyle Windrix and Jason Frailey. But there are also sculptors like Scott Hensey, whose work you almost certainly owned as a kid. Hensey was responsible for many of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures in the ’80s and ’90s, as well as Playmates’ Star Trek figures and even Playing Mantis’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer line.

The above is a very cool video interview with Hensey by Make Magazine, part of their “new series about the people who bring fantasy to life. We will spotlight miniature-making, sculpting, molding, figure-modding, latex mask-making, and much more with tutorials, interviews, reviews, and good stories.” You can follow the series at

More importantly, be sure to visit Hensey’s website, where you can see just how much of your childhood came from his tools and imagination.

Thanks to Topless Robot for the tip.

Saurod and Blade want you to subscribe to Club Eternia

So…yeah, the actors who played Saurod and Blade in the 1987 live-action Masters of the Universe movie have cut videos asking you to subscribe to Club Eternia, thanks to member Captain Atkin.

First up is Pons Maar, a.k.a Saurod:

Next we have Anthony “Blade” De Longis:

And as a bonus, here’s our own Pixel Dan:


NECA Bets They Can Get You To Buy Another Robocop…


…and they’re totally right.

Just thought it’d be nice to take a break from Subpocalypse for a moment.

Decapitated Stratos Sold Separately


The fellow who created Castle Grayskullman created this vintage ad for the figure as well. Just a heads-up, it’s more of a parody ad than an actual attempt to mimic the vintage ads.

I’m almost ashamed to admit I had to hear about this from Topless Robot.

Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man Video Game


While reading through the entire run of the 1980s Vigilante comic (don’t ask…), I came across the ad below on a back cover. Now, as I kid my family actually owned an Intellivision, so given my love of He-Man it’s unclear to me why we never owned this particular title. I’ll have to have a talk with the Parents Poe.

The video contains what appears to be an entire playthrough of the game. You repeatedly switch between shooting stuff in the Wind Raider and fighting walking fireballs thrown by Skeletor until you reach him and have a brief sword fight. He runs away and you hop back into the Wind Raider. Repeat ad nauseam and you have Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man Video Game.

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