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BIG NEWS: Funko to produce 6″ scale “Legacy” action figure line


Pic of the Day > Masters of the Universe Classics – Icer by Ed Speir IV


  1. They randomly canceled my CG. I kind of feel like it's the last push I need to be done with the line. I'm sure I could fight and call and get them to restore it, but at this point, I'm wondering if it's not just $270 saved and call it a day.

    • I should add that my card didn't expire, it has thousands of dollars available on it… And Matty charges it once a month already. But I do appreciate that they put the blame on us and not the fact that Digital River is completely inept at everything they do.

  2. wow, mattel had problems? shocking. okay, now with the snark out of the way, let me just say that (much like with gleek) when you mess up a VERY exclusive item, especially when you've made such a big deal about pre-ordering and reserving, it looks very bad. seriously mattel, the largest toy company in america, can't afford better processing and customer service?

    the NECA stands are welcome, but i'm much more interested in their 18" figure stands. when those come out i'll be super happy. too many NECA quarter scale figures have a habit of toppling.

  3. Chris

    How the hell did they speculate Grimlock from that?

    It looks more like an agalmation of the Deathscythe Hell & Astaroth from Soul Caliber.

    • Probably what looks to be T-Rex-like jaw shapes on the shoulders.

      I absolutely loathe the Michael Bay TF movies, and find the character designs to be unwatchably abhorrent for the most part, but if that is a design from the next movie, I actually like it (from what I can see of it). O_O

  4. Thanks for the link. And Poe Ghostal.com is my my list of sites I cycle through when I order from Amazon. I never order from Amazon without trying to give my favorite blogs and sites a little taste of the action!

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