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Paul’s Peg > Hasbro Launches Greatest Mail Away Ever

ToyFair 2010 has a lot of great announcements, but perhaps one of the coolest is the upcoming mail away figure from the Star Wars Legacy line:

Friggen old school rocket firing Boba Fett, one of the most legendary of all unobtainable toys. Hot damn, with this and the new AT-AT Hasbro is going to have me completely hooked on Star Wars again.

Um, I guess this means look forward to more Star Wars news on PoeGhostal.com in the upcoming months…

Thanks to: Rebelscum.com

Paul’s Peg > A Look at Hasbro’s New AT-ST (Not a Review)

Out of my Christmas haul my biggest get (at least toy wise) was the new(ish) AT-ST put out by Hasbro. If you don’t remember this bad boy, I geeked out for it a few months ago and never thought I’d actually see it, much yet own it. If you’re on the fence or want to know if you should go out of your way to get one I thought I’d throw together my non-review for you all.

Paul’s Peg > A Jedirrific Star Wars Find


I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve almost given up entirely on buying single carded figures in the 3 3/4ths scale. This is due to the fact that I’m poor and can’t fathom paying over seven dollars for one tiny figures. That’s why I’ve been digging these “Blockbuster Value” two packs that I’ve found at Target. How can you go wrong with getting two figures for the price of one? And yet, many of the two packs have been auto passes due to the crappy B side figures. Well, I found this guy the other day and thought that he was a pretty good A side, so good that the B side must be pretty damned bad. I picked him up and turned him around and was amazed to find…

Paul’s Peg > The 2010 G.I. Joe Club Exclusives

If you’re a G.I. Joe fan, the Official Joe fan club is kind of neat. You get some nifty newsletters and pride in the fact you’re an elite nerd that loves G.I. Joe. Each year the club offers up two “free” figures to it’s members. You get to pick between either an old school 12″ sized Joe or a 3 3/4ths style figure. Last year I joined to get a pimped out gold Undertow figure, one of the most bad asses water based figures around. This year you can color me disinterested at best (which is a light shade of blue). For the 3 and 3/4ths figure we get Big Lob.


More like Big Yawn. Get it? I’m sure someone has been clamoring for this figure, but I have no use for him.

Paul’s Peg > Star Wars Fan’s Choice Hall of Shame

The choices for Star War’s fans choice figure are still available to be voted on and I finally got a chance to check them out. You’ve got the usual assortment of background aliens that no normal person should care about, some of Padme’s Decoys, and Uncle Owen’s Dad. This thing is like a Hall of Shame for Star Wars. Here are just a few of the terrible, terrible choices:

Kitster Banai and Wald


The text for this one is priceless, ” Anakin’s little buddies have never received figures, yet they’re prominent on-screen.” Prominent on-screen does not equal worthy of being an action figure, rather its just one of Lucas’s biggest blunders.

Paul’s Peg > Star Wars Dio Contest Greatness

Hasbro had one of the coolest contests ever that went under my radar. Basically, it was to see who could create the finest looking diorama on the planet featuring Star Wars action figures and holy balls there were some fantastic dios on display. You can currently vote on your favorite of the top five entries they received if you visit their site right here, but here are my two favorites:

Hoth Hanger:


Joes For Tots ’09: The Contest That Helps Kids!


Joes for Tots is back! It’s the yearly contest that helps kids out by encouraging donations to Toys for Tots. This year we have an even better selection of prizes. Why start so early? Well, we want to remind you as soon as possible that when you see a drop box this year, you might want to think about helping out some young ones.

Let’s not draw this out though, let’s see what you can win (not all items shown in picture).

Paul’s Peg > Toy Hunt: Two Ladies and a Hawk

What? Toy Hunt on Poe Ghostal’s blog? How is that possible!? Well, after the bastards killed my blog I took all my awesome with me, so here’s the first Toy Hunt on Poe Ghostal. If you’re not familar with Toy Hunt, it’s basically me talking about what toys I bought. Why should you care? I don’t know, you just should. So let’s kick this off:


After moving to a new city I hadn’t stopped at any Wal-Marts yet. Actually that’s a lie, I stopped at one when I was looking for apartments and was really unimpressed. Today though, I stopped at a new one that I found and I scored big (at least for me). Most Wal-Marts around me tend to suck. Hell, I stopped going to one because they don’t even carry G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra or any DC figures. So imagine my surprise when I realized that this one had the potential to be a magic Wal-Mart.

Paul’s Peg > Skystriker? Pshaw! Now This is a Jet!

If you’re hoping that Hasbro will re-release the classic G.I. Joe Skystriker, I hope you’re not holding your breath. First of all, they are going in a more futuristic direction with the movie line. Secondly, the rumor is that Funskool ruined the molds when they had them. But even if they managed to make a new Skystriker, it still wouldn’t be as cool as this jet from JSI:


This is a 1:18th scale F-14 Tomcat, meaning it’s to scale with G.I. Joes and it could be modified to be the most bad ass Skystriker on the planet. It’s got a ton of detail and is a pre-order for the low, low price of 209.00. Okay, that’s not very low, but it’s still damned cool. You know, I think you owe me a Christmas gift from last year. This is a great way to make amends.

Paul’s Peg > DC Universe Infinite Morbidity

If there was anyone who was looking forward to the DC Universe Infinite Heroes more than me, I doubt it. When the line first appeared I went ape nuts with the prospect of having tons of my favorite heroes in my favorite scale. Then they came out and boy, the joke was on us toy collectors with it’s overall poor sculpting and horrendous lack of articulation. Still, Mattel seems to be trying to make this thing work and they’ve finally come up with something I truly need:


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