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Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 2/18/09

fanmode-copy Michael Crawford reviews the Diamond Select Toys Ultimate Quarter Scale Han in Hoth Gear figure from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Excerpt: “… I had my hopes up that he’d be the ONE, the Neo of the line.”

Michael Crawford reviews the Mezco Toyz Cinema of Fear Jason Voorhees (hockey mask version) 7-inch figure from Friday the 13th (2009 remake). Excerpt: “Mezco has done a nice job packing in some useful weapons for Jason, as he hacks his way through your display shelf.”

Rustin Parr reviews the JUN Planning Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington figure. Excerpt: “While paint and sculpt put NECA’s to shame, the lack of thigh and especially bicep articulation really, really limit this figure.”

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 2/7/09

fanmode-copy Sanjeev reviews the Onell Design Buildman Ranic (Standard and Reverse versions) figures. Excerpt: “… equal parts action figure and building toy.”

Thomas Wheeler reviews the Hasbro Star Wars The Legacy Collection Clone Trooper (with Cip-Quad) figure. Excerpt: “… he certainly comes with an impressive piece of weaponry that goes way, way beyond the usual blaster pistol these guys tend to be issued.” (See also.)

Scott Rubin reviews the Mattel DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis series Starfire, Captain Boomerang and Raven three-pack. Excerpt: “… a diverse and motley mix of figures.”

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 1/31/09

fanmode-copy yo go re reviews the DC Direct Watchmen Rorschach figure. Excerpt: “This figure is only slightly above ‘mediocre’ by 2009 standards …”

Jeff Saylor reviews the NECA Gears of War 2 Marcus Fenix vs. Locust Drone two-pack. Excerpt: “… the best Marcus Fenix figure ever released.”

Philip Reed reviews the Mezco Toyz HB II Hellboy San Diego Comic Con exclusive 3.75-inch figure. Excerpt: “As nice as some of the other Hellboy figures out there look, I really prefer this 3.75″ version …”

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode) for 1/16/09

fanmode-copy Jeff Parker reviews the Hot Toys The Dark Knight Bat-Pod 1/6-scale toy. Excerpt: “… for me it’s as near perfect as it could get …”

Jess C. Horsley reviews the Hot Toys The Dark Knight Two-Face/Harvey Dent 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “… Hot Toys once again proves they can make some of the best mass-produced heads in the business.”

Michael Crawford reviews the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece The Dark Knight The Joker (Bank Robber version) 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “This is an outstanding figure, and even Hot Toys is going to be hard pressed to follow it up with anything that’s better.” (See also.)

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode) 12/30/08

fanmode-copy Corey Tincher reviews the Mezco Toyz Hellboy II: The Golden Army Hellboy (black-shirted version with cat, six-pack and Samaritan) 7-inch- scale figure. Excerpt: “It might be a few dollars overpriced, but he’s just a really well made figure that uses a strong, heavy plastic that feels like $16 in your hands.”

Michael Crawford reviews the Diamond Select Toys Star Wars Ultimate Quarter Scale Darth Maul figure. Excerpt: “I had to actually get THREE of these figures, because the first two broke right out of the package.”

News round-up, 12/23/08

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

newspoeApologies for the lack of updates yesterday–had a busy day getting ready for our trip to Los Angeles and then actually getting to L.A. But we’re here now, I’ve got the wifi working on DMG’s laptop and it’s time for some toy news.

  • Beware knock-off Encore Metroplex Transformers (Loopy Details)
  • More Masterpiece Grimlock news and pics (TFormers)
  • G.I. Joe and Cobra 2009 5-pack images (Hisstank)
  • Hot Toys’ “Dutch” Schaefer figure from Predator confirmed (TNI) (Note to self: do NOT start collecting 12″ figures…do NOT start collecting 12″ figures…)
  • Maybe Billy too (Toy Haven)
  • Hellboy II Adventure Combat Galactic Robot Heroes BPRD Buddies (TNI)

News round-up, Black Friday edition

News round-up, 11/24/08

  • Diamond Comics will be offering pre-orders for sets of DCUC action figures, much like online retailers have been doing for months now. (Toynewsi)
  • Better photos of Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave figure. I love how nerds are avoiding this “spoiler” like the plague. Look, it’s just a toy–it’s not going to give away the plot at all. And it’s a a toy of a robot from a sequel to a movie based on toy robots. Did you really enjoy Transformers enough that you can’t bear the thought of knowing what happens in the sequel? Here’s a hint: there are robots who turn into things, they fight, and stuff blows up. (Tformers.com)
  • G.I. Joe Hard Master review and modern Blowtorch revealed (Hisstank.com)
  • Hot Toys announces license for movie Hellboy 12″ figures, rendering all previous 12″ Hellboy figures worthless (Figures.com)
  • Spock is dead on. Kirk looks like the dad from Flight of the Navigator. William Shatner and Bruce Campbell–two men whose faces are just impossible to capture in plastic, for some reason.
  • MOTUC He-Man and Beast Man go on sale one week from today…

Poe Gets Married

I’m back!

Wow, so much has happened since my last post. I got Lobo, King Grayskull, DCUC Wave 3, a new computer, and oh, I got married, too. I’ll get to all that other stuff later in the week–today is the official post-wedding post.

Demons, turtles, and such forth

I’ve got a backlog of posts to get to, including some new interviews, but today I thought I’d just pass on some of the news and pics that have been filling up my inbox.

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