Most Wanted > The STSST (Found!)

Most Wanted highlights the glaring gaps in your collection. Feel free to submit your own Most Wanted items to So, this is an interesting Most Wanted post. When I started writing it, I wasn’t even sure this thing existed. But in the course of writing the post, I not only confirmed it had, but […]

Most Wanted > M1 Last Dinosaur

One of my favorite childhood films was The Last Dinosaur, a 1977 co-production between Rankin-Bass and Tsuburaya Productions* about a megalomaniac big game hunter and his attempt to hunt down a T-rex with footsteps like the sound of thunder, living in a lost world. I plan to do a nostalgia-filled review of the movie for […]

Most Wanted > Mark V Master Chief

I’ve never enjoyed a first-person shooter more than I did the original Halo (full disclosure: I’ve never played Half-Life or its sequel). The sequels were OK, but they never made me feel the same magic I felt whenever I played the first game–where I could knock out a Marine, swipe his sniper rifle, hijack a […]

Most Wanted: Mercenary Gunman

Welcome to a new feature where I publicize some rare or out-of-production figure I’m looking for. I’m thinking I may make this available to anyone–people can submit their “Most Wanted” holy grail figures/toys and I can spotlight them. Thoughts?