Odds ‘n Ends


  • Man, it is dead, toy news-wise, ahead of SDCC. Speaking of which, here’s an exclusives checklist courtesy of TNI, if you’re curious what you’ll be missing out on.
  • Particularly due to the paucity of news, I could use more Show and Tells. Email me if you think you’ve got a good one. All I need is a brief (or long) write-up and a few photos.
  • I’ve been kicking myself lately for missing out on the Jason Voorhees figures from waves 1 and 2 of Mezco’s 7″ Cinema of Fear. They appear to be damned hard to find, even on eBay. But I’m not sure I ever even saw them in stores. Anyone seen them around? I suppose I could just get the Jason from the remake…he’s everywhere.
  • Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I own two guinea pigs, and I have to admit we’re kind of looking forward to G-Force. It looks like it might be good–kind of like Small Soldiers. Speaking of which, whatever happened to you, Joe Dante? We miss you.
  • Don’t forget, tomorrow is Man-At-Arms Day. Once again I have to order multiples for friends, because no one else apparently has the patience for sitting in front of the refreshing screen. I should really start charging them for “handling.”
  • DMG and I started playing the first episode of Tales from Monkey Island, after some significant problems getting the damned thing to work. While I admit I didn’t make a good video card a priority for my PC, I’m kind of shocked by how hard it had to work to get the game to run. We solved the problem by switching to my wife’s laptop, believe it or not. Anyone else playing TOMI?


Pic of the Day > “Hellboy vs. Grom, War Monster”


Show and Tell > Trenchcoat Hellboy (2004 movie line)


  1. Eric

    I'd absolutely charge a handling fee for picking up extra figures. Ordering the figures is the only unpleasant aspect of MOTUC.

  2. clark

    I am not looking forward to G-force, but the action figures (especially the black/white one) make me laugh. For $10 I won't be getting one, but they're cute and kind of remind me of Barnyard Commandos.

  3. dwaltrip

    I miss 'Odd N Ends'….you should do them more often.

    You also just scared me about Man-At-Arms….I thought I read "Today is Man-At-Arms Day"….and my heart sunk thinking I forgot about it and might have missed out. I ran over to Matty and then realized you wrote 'tomorrow' is MAA's day. Phew….close call.

    Also, I liked Small Soldiers a lot as a kid. How does it hold up watching it now as an adult?

  4. Nicholai

    Once again I'll make the call out for anyone going to SDCC who would be willing to get Wonder Twins + Gleek for me.

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