Happy Adora Day!

Here’s the link to the all-in-one sale page.

I’ll admit it–Adora is the first MOTUC figure I’m pretty lukewarm about. I never watched She-Ra as a kid, so Adora is even less interesting to me than She-Ra. That said, I don’t regret having bought the subscription, and I certainly don’t begrudge She-Ra fans (like Rob of Topless Robot) their long-overdue Adora. And as a completionist on this line (so far), I’m buying her no matter what.

Fortunately, she’ll be followed next month by Battle Cat and Trap Jaw, who look to be the finest examples of MOTUC figure to date. And she also comes at the same time as Battle Armor He-Man. Oddly enough, I’m pretty excited about him. As my friends can tell you, I tend to loathe variations of characters; I just want the iconic version (Trenchcoat Hellboy, Batman minus any ridiculous armor or gear, the regular Ninja Turtles sans gimmicks or costumes, and so forth). But for whatever reason, some of He-Man’s alternate looks really appeal to me, and Battle Armor is one of them. I’ve also got my fingers crossed for an Ice Armor He-Man (on a side note, check out that link…apparently I’ve been saying I “loathe variations” for years).

But don’t forget–there’s also the reissue Beast Man and Movie Masters Harvey Dent. I’m tempted to get a new Beast Man, since my original has very loose knees, but given the odds of ending up with some other QC issue–like weak ankles, which are becoming the Achilles’ heel (HA!) of this line–I figure I’ll just stick with what I’ve got. Besides, Beast Man looks pretty good hunched over.

As for Mr. Dent, I’ll just wait for Two-Face. But for those of you who have anxiously awaited an Aaron Eckhart action figure, this is your time!

(Should I even mention the CARS exclusive? Does anyone here collect those?)


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On Adora’s Sellout


  1. finkrod

    Has anyone gotten their subscription renewal or any email about Adora at all? I got my order process & ship notification on what I assume to be Beast Man(it doesn't mention what specific figure it is), but still nothing like the usual "your subscription has been successfully renewed" email. Am I the only one, or is this a repeat of when subscriptions went into effect last time with Teela?

  2. Mario

    @Andrew: It was listed at $20 for about 2 days, & was then corrected.

    They'd said for a long time prior that it was to be $30, so it was obviously just a mistake.

  3. Reverend Ender


    Wow, that's totally what I said right before this comment, Poe!

  4. Kid Nicky

    I don't think anyone's saying that BBTS's markup is insanely high. What people have a problem with is the simple fact that it's scalping. If a fellow collector beats you to a toy,especially a limited run toy,that sucks,but hey,he got there first. However,with BBTS,they're buying up a portion of the stock for the express purpose of reselling it. It doesn't matter if the markup was only 50 cents,it's still shady.

    Are you going to start sticking up for the fat greasy guy going through unopened Hot Wheels cases at Wal Mart?

  5. Andy

    Woke up Saturday and had an email confirmation that my Aug. 3rd order from Mattycollector had shipped. The figures in this order already shipped of course, but that was where I placed my MOTUC 2010 sub. So I assume this is confirmation of an Adora shipment?

  6. @Andrew: How does raging about scalpers define one as an idiot?

  7. Andrew

    @Poe: I'm not sure that I believe that, considering that both BA He-Man and Beastman are still available at the time of posting this.

    @Kyle: I've never been one of the idiots raging about scalpers every time Poe posts about MOTUC. Their mark-up, really, can't be making them much profit when you figure they're paying the 20 dollars and ~9 dollars for shipping and passing it on for ~35$. I mean, they're offering Battle Cat for 39.99 now, when Matty's got it up for 30 (I could've sworn awhile ago I saw it being 20, but I'm no doubt in error).

    And, seriously? If some fanmade accessory going for 10 dollars plus shipping can be considered a good value, people can shut the fuck up about BBTS.

  8. misterbigbo

    @dayraven: My action figure hiatus coincided with the arrival of my affection for the ladies, so I never let my Flint usher my little brother's Jinx into womanhood. And adults who sexualize action figures have real problems, so I hope that isn't why she sold out.

    Thanks for the points, Poe. I feel better now.

  9. Scott


    Not you too Poe! Is is so hard for anyone to believe that Adora is a poplular figure? People have been making excuses on facebook too. She's the alter ego of She-Ra and the first Adora figure ever made. It's not at all surprising to me that she sold out quickly.

    Also, remember Matty adjusts production runs based on the subs. There's no reason to believe that there was any less of her available than there were of other recent figures. If anything, they may have made less of BA He-Man since he was a bonus figure.

  10. J.Adrian728

    Very pleased with how today went. A little surprised Beastman's still up for grabs, especially with how quickly the other reissues went. Very glad I got the sub… TRAP CAT here we come!

  11. dayraven

    @misterbigbo: evidently, there were some boys who didn't think girls were icky. 😉

  12. Where's the Q&As though?

  13. Kid Nicky


    I'm not really a fan of things like neon green Batman or Sewer Baseball Rappin' Leo or anything of that nature,but the He-Man and Skeletor variations were all for the most part pretty cool. A metal armor vest is something I think the "real" He-Man would definately wear,the same way I think the "real" Skeletor would wear big claw gloves for combat occasionally. Most MOTU variations fit the characters.

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