Any questions for Mattel?

I almost forgot…we’re under a deadline here, so fire away!


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  1. Will you be making a Brian Pillman in your WWE Legends line?

    When will we get a DCUC Apache Chief?

    When will you release MOTUC to retail world wide?

  2. Jason Todd

    You've stated that the DCUC Joker will be re-released this year. Will he have the white face he is supposed to have this time?

  3. dayraven

    what exactly is the job of a brand manager? cuz the more we read about what toy guru ISN'T responsible for, the more i'm wondering what he IS responsible for?

  4. Motorthing

    When am I going to get a 4H DCUC Martian Manhunter?……..repeat til fade out.

  5. Russ

    Will an un-slimed Peter in Movie 1 jumpsuit be coming, or will the unslimed figures only be him in alternate outfit, like say the Movie 2 jumpsuit?

  6. T.

    DCUC has been re-releasing "headliner" heroes as part of the line going forward — with Batman & Superman seeing the first releases, and now Flash. As these characters are depleted, is there any chance we might get re-releases of popular villains from earlier in the line, like the hard-to-find Sinestro Corps Sinestro?

  7. Will the MotUC vs DCUC 2-packs be also available on matty?

    Can you tell us more about the glow in the dark feature on the Avatar figures – will they be painted on like Zodak or will the plastic be glow in the dark, like Scare Glow? If it's painted on like Zodak, could Mattel make sure that it will glow in the dark brightly?

    Will Mattel consider producing a line of glow in the dark ghostbuster figures as a repaint/redeco (pretty much like what Kenner did in the Ectoglow figures in the 90s)?

    Does Mattel have any plans for any other 2-packs besides MotUC vs DCUC? For example, will we see a Toy Story vs Cars 2-pack?

    There were 4 Hot Wheels with MotUC logos for 200x. Does Mattel have any plans to tie in any of the lines on Matty to Hot Wheels? Perhaps as a Matty exclusive?

    The 25th anniversary of She-Ra is this year. Will fans get to see a She-Ra Barbie?

  8. first I would just like to say how excited I am for the Green Lantern five pack, second my question "Is it possible we can get constructs and/or power batteries with this release?" Hal already had a battery and Stewart came with some wicked constructs and it would be cool to get more.

  9. Thomas B


    that AINT the chin mattel is tickling…

  10. PrfktTear

    BOLLOCKS!!!!!! I wants MOTUC style 200x swords…. Oh well, if they're not made, I've still got the originals.

  11. DO4M

    @He-Dan: ToyGuru already said no to the twin swords. (That stinks!)

  12. PrfktTear

    @RageTreb: I agree! Let 'em know! This is a perfect exclusive. Its something very unique and different, and its a variant that won't leave a gaping hole the size of Jupiter in your collection.

    As far as my question… When are we getting ORKO? (I doubt we'll get a firm answer) but I think thats one character that MOTUC needs POST STAT!

  13. Rustin Parr

    The reveal of "TV Ad Ray" (as well as Walter Peck) really give us insight into how wide your plans are for the Ghostbusters 6" line – is there any chance we'll see this line go monthly? There's simply just too many great characters and costumes for us to keep waiting!

  14. Evan Jones

    Will the DC Super Friends Joker ever be released? Possibly on MattyCollector like the DCSF Robin?


  15. Thomas B

    Why did cheetah have her costume drastically changes with no notice what so ever? Now she has a black suit when before she did not

  16. RageTreb

    Can you let the powers that be (Mattel, The Four Horsemen, even Cartoon Network) know that even though a lot of fans have their panties in a bunch about Mo-Larr, there are a select few of us (myself included), who absolutely love the figure 100%? The only thing that annoys me about so many fans complaining is those of us who love the idea will have our voices drowned out.

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