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In addition to covering all things Marvel here, Pete uses his job as a software tester to fuel his horrible plastic addiction by day so that he can make terrible comic strips using that same plastic by night. Check out the dubious fruits of those labors at, if you dare!


It amuses me to have such a portentous title about, well, really nothing.

Sideshow has listed Medicom’s RAH DBZ Piccolo up for sale. As a closet DBZ fan (shutup), I gotta say…he looks cool. Really cool. I wish there were a line of 6″ scale DBZ figures with ML or DCUC level articulation. SOTA would do a great job, I think…look at their Street Fighter figures. Then I could do entire Fanwank strips of two DBZ characters grunting at each other while they power up! That’s like a month’s worth of strips, right there!

I’m a genius.

Oh, and it’s not really toy-related, but for a fun little time-waster, Sea of Green, author of the Hoosier Journal of Inanity, linked to Fábrica de Heróis! earlier this week, which is a cool little hero generator that allows you to build characters in the DCAU style. The page is entirely in Portuguese, but the creator is at the bottom, and is pretty self-explanatory once you click that ‘Criar!’ button.

That’s all I got today. Have fun!

Inadvertently Inappropriate > The Top 5 Mind-Scarringly Bad Toys

So Poe and I were chatting online last Wednesday night, and somehow the topic of discussion turned to hilariously inappropriate toys. I say, “We should do a write-up on this…a top ten or something.” Poe says, “Go for it.”

So I did. I present the top five mass-market toys that should probably never reach a child’s hands:

Odds ‘n Ends > Fievel Goes West

Odd: Pictures of Hasbro’s new Marvel Universe 3 3/4″ line are up at While I doubt I’ll be collecting the line personally, having exactly zero figures in that scale, I’m pretty impressed by the quality. That they stand head and shoulders above Mattel’s Infinite Heroes in sculpt and articulation is obvious, but from the looks of it, they might even be better than the Toybiz Marvel Toys Superhero Showdown line.

End: As of two days ago, a Mr. Poe Ghostal is married. And to a doctor! I always knew that boy had a good head on his shoulders. That completes the Power Pal Marriage Extravaganza of 2008, folks–Paul, then myself, and now Poe. Congrats!

Odd: My SDCC contact was able to score me a Lobo and a King Grayskull–but then he had to ship out to Virginia for job training for a couple of weeks. Turns out it’s a good thing though, since I wound up needing the cash for car repairs. Hooray for…new fuel pump?

End: It has been a VERY slow week for toy news, so there’s frankly not much to share here. Anyone have any tips for your fellow collectors? Share ’em in the comments!

All Part of the Plan > Spoiler-iffic Dark Knight Discussion

Okay, everyone’s probably said a million times over what they loved about The Dark Knight. What didn’t you like? Have any half-baked theories about the next installment? Frustrations over DC’s failure to give other heroes the big-screen treatment?

Then, of course, tell us what your favorite moments were too. 😉

Sonic BOOM

Ever the diligent blogger that he is, Poe shot me an email from his wedding vacation this morning asking me to share the following message from Corner Store Comics with you:

Just a friendly reminder that our huge SOTA Street Fighter is currently scheduled to kick off on Saturday morning (August 2nd) at approximately 10am PST.

We’ve got nearly 1500 Street Fighter action figures spanning Series 1 through Series 4, including many rare Variants and other and hard-to-find pieces. Some figures will start as low as only $3.00 each.

While you are taking advantage of our SOTA Street Fighter Super Sale, take a look at the upcoming Street Fighter Revolutions action figures, including our Exclusive Metal Zangieff! There is still time to get your pre-order in for a full set of figures, our Zangief, and the Blue Dhalism and Turbo E Honda variants as well. The current expected arrival date for all these figures is late August.

Great news! Our Limited Edition Green Variant Vega Mixed Media Statue by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles sold out in less than eight hours. We are still accepting a couple more Wait List orders, in case any of the existing orders are not completed as anticipated.

These are some crazy prices for 6″ scale figures–if I weren’t flat broke, I wouldn’t have even told you. MINE! ALL MINE!

Yeah, I know. I’m a jerk like that.

The Return

That’s right, folks…I’m back. Cue evil laughter…wait for it…now.

You guys get me for a whole week this time. Of course, there’s not a lot of toy news to discuss, it being the week after SDCC, but Poe has another ‘5 Questions’ up, and I’ll tackle next Tuesday’s Odds ‘n Ends. Other than that, we’ve got a wide open schedule. So, tell me. Anything you’d like to discuss? Any opinions on Hasbro’s announcements for the Marvel Legends line last week? Ooh, here’s a good one that always pulls a lot of answers: What new character (I.E., one that hasn’t been done in ML-scale before) would you like to see most in the ML line?

Here’s mine.

I know we’ve seen a LOT of green lately, but there’s just something so…cool about a humanoid pteronodon. I’d have customized one already if that DCSH Man-Bat exclusive weren’t so expensive. My second choice, in light of the Guardian announcement, would be more Alpha Flight figures–Sasquatch is lonely.

What about you guys? Any picks? Hasbro’s announced quite a bit in the next few months, but there’s still a lot more they can do with the line.

Hasbro’s Marvel Museum (SDCC 2008)

(Full pictures of everything I discuss are right here.)

Hasbro sure does show us a lot of Marvel figures, considering that they haven’t actually sold us many in the last 8 months or so.

Still, Hulk Legends has made it to retail (and Foom is worth it, even if a few of the figures aren’t), and other lines are on their way. In a weird move, Hasbro has shown another Wal-Mart exclusive wave, with no standard HML 4 yet to appear. I hope they don’t plan to continue this trend of ML appearing only as exclusives…

Heightened Interest (Marvel Legends She-Hulk)

Pete here! Hey, lucky me–I completed my Hulk Legends set this week, courtesy of a well-thought out wedding present from a friend of mine.

As I’ve perused various postings on the figures in this wave over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that one figure under quite a bit of scrutiny is She-Hulk. Some are concerned that this is nothing more than another rehash of the ML2 Shulkie, and more are concerned by the disparity in height. Well fear no more! With my shrewd detective skills, I shall unravel this dark and sinister mystery, at great personal risk to myself. I do this so that you may sleep peacefully at night, secure in your safety. You may thank me with money.

Odds ‘n Ends – Imposter Edition

ODD: Where is Poe? Is he truly on vacation, or has he been moved to an undisclosed location for…safekeeping? Will he ever return, or has my evil plan finally been realized!? I now present…PETE’S POINTS OF ARTICULATION!

…crap, that doesn’t flow nearly as well. I guess Poe has to stay.

END: And quite a literal one, I might add, for my Movie Master Batman figure, which was just horrendously savaged by my puppy/engine of destruction, Esry. A moment of silence if you will.

Bat Wheels Leading the Way

Poe, ever the magnanimous tip-dropper that he is, took a few minutes off from his vacation and popped off an email asking me to let you guys know about Mattel’s big news regarding their popular replica of the Batmobile from thr 1966 TV series. Read on for more info and pics!

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