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Pic of the Day > Octavia by rodstoybox


Octavia by rodstoybox

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MOTUC Nepthu leaked?

So, a new MOTUC figure called “Nepthu” was leaked to eBay somehow. The consensus seems to be that he’s legit. He’s a Filmation character, so presumably he’s part of that sub. Here’s the eBay auction, for however long it lasts. Looks like the Hong Kong factory sellers strike again.

We have definitely entered the period in MOTUC where my first response to 50% of the reveals is, “Who?”

Clamp Champ Clamped

No day-of-sale stock for Clamp Champ. Subscribers only.

Also, apparently his real name is “Raenius.” Did we know that? I’m afraid I will never be able to dissociate that name from this.

It’s Karatti and the Fighting Foe Men Day

Y3189_fullsizeimage01 Y3205_fullsizeimage010

Order here, discuss below!

I’ll confess I’m not even sure I’d ever heard of Karatti until the MOTUC version was announced. He seems to have a pretty cool design, although I’m getting a bit tired of the Trap Jaw legs (the side-to-side ankle action never seems to work on them).

As for the Fighting Foe Men…I worry these may have been another bad idea on Mattel’s part. A lot of fans seem uninterested in this set, and the fact that it’s a sub item makes it that much more annoying. My bill (plus shipping) for this month was $116, and I’m lukewarm on the FFM. It might have been smarter to pair the FFM with a more popular character, like Clamp Champ.

When Worlds Collide: Masters of the Universe vs. DC Universe


Yeah, so, this is happening.

Y’know, I still think Teela’s outfit is ridiculous yet completely in line with the New 52.

Clear red Hordak appears on Mattycollector & is quickly spirited away


So, for a brief period today, a Horde symbol appeared on Mattycollector. Clicking on it led you to this page:


Image from Hellz Hoardax

Once word got out, it sold out almost instantly. The text reads:

Congratulations! By magic or by luck you’ve found a secret figure! Now you see him… but this master of manipulation can disappear at any moment, so act quickly! This all-clear figure features painted red eyes. chest emblem and removable armband, and comes with a fan-demanded Hordak crossbow in vintage white. Trust us, this visitor born the dark dimension is up to no good…but you’ll have to get the figure to see his complete bio. Straight from the 2013 mini-comic, “The Secret Origin of Skeletor,” this highly collectable figure is not available with Club Eternia subscriptions or even during regular monthly sales, so make sure you check back often to try to catch him the next time he decides to project onto this page!

I’ve stopped being anything resembling a completist on this line, plus I generally dislike clear figures (unless the character is usually clear, like someone made of ice), so I’m not personally annoyed by this. As far as I can tell, there was no announcement – no cryptic hints on the message boards, no ARG-like stuff, nothing. So the first thing most fans will know about this thing is that it’s unavailable to them. I suspect there will be a few people out there who, upon discovering they can’t get the figure, will be at best, a bit bummed, and at worst, brimming with fiery rage.

Fortunately, it sounds like he’ll be back, and you can bet there are hundreds of people who have bookmarked that page and will be refreshing it hour by hour from now until who knows when, so hopefully anyone who really wants one will eventually get it. In the meantime, feel free to hate The Fwoosh‘s VeeBee, who got one.

EDIT: A tip of the hat to Hellz Hoardax for his work on this story as it broke.

Who’s Your Mosquitor? A Discussion With Pixel Dan

Masters of the Universe Classics - Mosquitor

Masters of the Universe Classics – Mosquitor by Ed Speir IV

POE GHOSTAL: So, Dan, a few weeks back you tweeted that Mutagen Man would be appearing on the new TMNT series. He was a favorite of yours, as was Mosquitor (for readers who somehow don’t know, Dan is a HUGE fan of Mosquitor and was campaigning for the character to be added in MOTUC for years). This prompted me to reply that I really wanted Ray Fillet – that he was, as I put it, My Mosquitor. This prompted a discussion as to what other people’s “My Mosquitors” are, but after getting some rather high-profile characters as suggestions, we began discussing a stricter definition. We’ll get to that in a minute, though – let’s get some background first. Dan, why are you such a fan of Mosquitor?

PIXEL DAN: It’s a total nostalgia factor for me. I remember always being completely enamored with Mosquitor as a kid. I loved my MOTU figures, but he always stood out to me as a favorite. I think the liquid blood feature had a lot to do with it. I just thought that was so cool as a kid, and as a result Mosquitor was always with me on my adventures. Even when I wasn’t playing with my He-Man figures, Mosquitor was still usually in my hand.

And the 2013 MOTUC SDCC Exclusives Are…

…Rokkon and Stonedar!

Y3215_fullsizeimage04 Y3215_fullsizeimage03 Y3215_fullsizeimage02 Y3215_fullsizeimage01


Masters of the Universe® Classics Rokkon™ & Stonedar™ 2-Pack

The Comet Warriors have arrived! This 2-pack of vintage MOTU Rockmen figures includes the young and excitable Rokkonâ„¢ and the wise and heroic Stonedarâ„¢. Recreate the Filmation look with snap-on arm and leg armor, or go bold(er) and transform into full rock mode with the additional snap-on front piece! Each figure also comes with trademark laser gun that they can hold, or can be snapped into chest. These figures, sculpted by the Four Horsemen, come in window box packaging and are not part of Club Eternia.

This product will be available for pre-order at MattyCollector.com on June 4, 2013, to be picked up at San Diego Comic-Con (details to come). It will also be available for purchase at the show, then at MattyCollector.com on August 5, 2013.

I’ll admit to being a bit amazed that they managed to get the transforming effect to work. This is a great use of the exclusive spot with what looks like some great engineering on the part of the Four Horsemen and Mattel’s design team.

No word on a price yet, but I would venture it’ll be in the $30-$50 $50-$70 range. On a side note, why does Mattel only provide these tiny, low-res photos? It makes me sad. The figures look great, you’d think they’d want to show them off.

Review > Jitsu (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

Poe’s Note: In 1987, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley declared April 28 Masters of the Universe Day. This was around the time the Power Tour came to LA so I’m sure this was some sort of publicity stunt, but fans, tongues firmly in cheek, have embraced the day as a time to celebrate their favorite musclebound heroes and villains. In honor of MOTU Day, I offer you JITSU!



Jitsu’s an interesting fellow from my perspective. Despite being a major member of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors, I never owned this figure or even knew anyone who did. His appearances in MOTU-related media were sparse; he appeared in the Filmation episode “The Dragon Invasion” and a few sporadic storybook and comics, and that was all. Writer Larry DiTillio later claimed his absence in the cartoon series was due to fears he would be perceived as a racial stereotype. So the only two Asian characters in MOTU were villainous martial artists…at least there wasn’t a turban-wearing Middle Easterner among Skeletor’s regulars, right?

While the vintage Masters of the Universe line had a lot of He-Man and Skeletor variants that were counterparts to one another – Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor, Thunder Punch He-Man and Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Flying Fists He-Man and Terror Claws Skeletor – but it was rare for any other characters to get a counterpart. And while it’s not exactly official, I’ve always thought of Jitsu as the evil counterpart to Fisto. The difference? Fisto punches, while Jitsu chops!

Masters of the Universe Day – April 28, 2013


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