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Four Horsemen ride to the subs’ rescue


I find it interesting that the Four Horsemen are releasing a statement urging collectors to subscribe for established licenses like MOTU and DC Comics, while their own, highly transparent “thermometer”  for a project featuring a homegrown license with absolutely no media backing it up has hit 300%. (Statement after the jump.)

Maybe there’s a big difference between the numbers the Horsemen need, and the numbers Mattel needs. After all, the Horsemen’s project has a mere 1,000 participants, with an average pledge of about $200. The “pledge” for Club Eternia is $500 plus shipping, although you’re getting at least 8-10 more figures (albeit with fewer details and less articulation). I really wonder whether more transparency about the numbers needed would help boost the campaign. Of course, announcing all the figures for the sub would also help, and I honestly think that doing that isn’t nearly as impossible or legally complicated as Mattel makes it seem. Just add in some “subject to change” and “items may be delayed” text, and people will know what they’re getting into.

Poe’s Point > Thoughts on Mattel’s reveals from SDCC 2013

And now we come to the end of our SDCC coverage. I’ve had to hold off on this one because I was really busy last week, but now I can finally take the time to discuss all the reveals.



Image from Toyark


Mattel showed a mock-up of a 1/12th-scale Ecto-1, which is currently available for pre-order along with Peter and Ray figures with removable proton packs so they can actually sit in the car. As of this writing, the pre-orders are extremely low and this seems unlikely to be made. It’s $215 for the car itself, $25 apiece for the Peter and Ray figures, and a multipack of all three for $265.

Ten Good and Bad Action Figure-related Things from SDCC 2013 (by Nemo Eight)

Please welcome a new PoeGhostal.com contributor, the eldritch Nemo Eight!

As a long time attendee of the San Diego Comic Con, Poe has asked me to share my thoughts on some of the major news from the show. Since this is primarily (at least to date) an action figure blog that’s where I’ll focus my attention, and fortunately that won’t be too hard.


Scott Neitlich (ToyGuru) on the State of the Subs


With three weeks to go, the MOTUC and DC subscriptions aren’t in great shape – especially considering we’re nearly a week past the SDCC reveals.

Before we go further, how about a trip down memory lane?

Now, I’ll be surprised if Club Eternia doesn’t go through. I feel like we go through this every single year, and by August 19 the numbers will be there (or maybe they’ll extend it a week or two). Club Infinite Earths I’m not so sure about.

Pic of the Day > Octavia by rodstoybox


Octavia by rodstoybox

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MOTUC Nepthu leaked?

So, a new MOTUC figure called “Nepthu” was leaked to eBay somehow. The consensus seems to be that he’s legit. He’s a Filmation character, so presumably he’s part of that sub. Here’s the eBay auction, for however long it lasts. Looks like the Hong Kong factory sellers strike again.

We have definitely entered the period in MOTUC where my first response to 50% of the reveals is, “Who?”

Clamp Champ Clamped

No day-of-sale stock for Clamp Champ. Subscribers only.

Also, apparently his real name is “Raenius.” Did we know that? I’m afraid I will never be able to dissociate that name from this.

Review > King Randor (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)


In November of 2012, Mattycollector released another (surprise surprise) variant figure of a character we’ve already had in the Masters Of The Universe Classics toy line. Lo and behold, It was the “Eternos Palace King Randor”, which, roughly translated means “The-Filmation-Cartoon-Version-That-You-Always-Kinda-Wanted-As-A-Kid-But-Also-Didn’t-Really-Need King Randor.”

For many MOTU fans, this was a long-anticipated dream come true.

Review > Procrustus (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)


Released in December 2012, Procrustus is a giant sized figure similar in size to the earlier giants Tytus and Megator. He measures in right around 12 inches from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, although his posture is slightly hunched over. While he’s not a very well known Masters of the Universe character, Procrustus is an exceptionally well made figure possessing all the charm of a stop motion creature designed by the late Ray Harryhausen. Procrustus was quite the surprise when he was revealed at SDCC last year, but he was one of those nice surprises; a somewhat off the wall characters that still manages to fit in well with the line.

All right, let’s get down to brass tacks: So who exactly is Procrustus? Procrustus is an immortal being who lives at the center of the planet Eternia and is responsible for literally holding the planet together. Procrustus appeared briefly in the vintage minicomic “The Magic Stealer” which was part of the second series of minicomics from 1983. In the story, Skeletor is using some kind of magic siphon, and one of the side effects of that is that Procrustus is lured to Eternia’s surface. While He-Man is traveling in the Attak Trak, he comes across the giant crawling out of the crust of the planet’s surface. He-Man instantly recognizes Procrustus, referring to him as a “the god who holds the inner world together with his many arm.” While we can speculate that He-Man might recognize Procrustus from his description alone, interestingly enough, Procrustus recognizes He-Man. What can I say? He-Man’s kind of a big deal on Eternia and we can only assume that stories about him have made their way down to Eternia’s core. From the dialogue between the two, it is implied that Procrustus is literally responsible for holding the planet together in some way and if he neglects his duty for too long, Eternia will crumble. Somehow, the lure of Skeletor’s magical siphon clouds the giant’s judgment, making it difficult for Procrustus to resist, so He-Man shoots him with the Attak Trak. This seems to knock some sense back into him, as shooting someone with an attack vehicle usually does. He wishes He-Man well and that’s about it for Procrustus in “The Magic Stealer.”

Review > King He-Man (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)


I grew up with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, but admittedly my connection to the characters runs pretty thin.  I love the major players like He-Man, Skeletor, Beast-Man, Ram-Man and Man-at-Arms.  I’ve also got a soft spot for others like Clawful and Merman.  Modulok is about as fringe as I get.

Although I’m aware of most of the He-Man lore, I’ll fully admit that there have been some characters in the Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) line that I didn’t recognize at all, yet that hasn’t stopped me from buying many of them.

I love the Four Horsemen and they’re my principle reason for subscribing this year.  That said, when hearing that King He-Man would be the Club Eternia exclusive this year I was a bit curious.  I knew that King He-Man was from the unproduced Filmation cartoon show (He-Ro Son of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) and wondered how the Horsemen would handle him.

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