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I Need a Weapon

Custom Weapon accessory by eBay user mugenites

Bandai would very much like you to buy the S.H.Figuarts Super Mario

And who can blame them? It looks awesome.

You can pre-order from BBTS or Amazon.

Review > Fall of Cybertron Shockwave (Transformers Generations, Hasbro)


One reason I’ve never gotten back into Transformers is because I felt like there was just too much product out there to get on board. Too many universes, too many different styles, too many different scales, and most significantly, no clear successor to the G1 I grew up with, i.e., no “200x” G1, no “25th Anniversary” G1.1  But when the War for Cybertron (WFC) and Fall of Cybertron (FOC) games came along, it seemed like I might finally have gotten the line I had wanted.

Unfortunately, Grimlock made no appearance in War for Cybertron, and so I passed on the toys (though I now wish I’d picked up Megatron). But when the Dinobot leader was added to the cast of Fall of Cybertron, I knew a new Grimlock was just a matter of time. In the meantime, there was a very cool-looking Shockwave available. I figured I’d need someone for my eventual Grimlock to fight, so I picked him up. Aaaaaand then it turned out that Grimlock was going to be a “Voyager”-class figure, which means it towers over the “Deluxe” Shockwave. (Although I’ll admit I haven’t played enough of the game to know whether that’s actually an accurate size comparison between the two.) Still, FOC Shockwave looked really cool, so I decided to keep him.

Master Chief (Halo, Play Arts KAI, Square Enix)

I’ve now played through and beaten every Halo game except ODST (which I’m sure I’ll get around to someday). Halo 4 came out just last month, and represents something of a new direction for the franchise as it begins to explore the “Ancient Aliens” origin of the Halo megastructures. It also begins to (finally!) develop the characters of the franchise’s hero, the Master Chief, and his artificial intelligence-based guide and love interest, Cortana.

I’m not going to pretend that the Master Chief is some sort of deep, memorable character. He’s basically just the most prominent iteration of the Doomguy, only less expressive since you can never see his face. But nonetheless I’ve had an affinity for the Chief since playing through the first Halo.

New List at Topless Robot > Ten Video Games that Should Have Gotten Toys

I missed the fact that my (possibly final) Topless Robot list went up yesterday (thanks to PrfktTear for pointing it out to me.)

Ten Video Games that Should Have Gotten Toys

I don’t know yet whether the Bricken-less TR will want to continue the lists, so as of right now, my plan is to start doing the occasional list right here at PGPoA. They’re great for traffic and fun to write.

Oh, and for the record, it wasn’t my idea to create a graphic that gives away the whole list before the page-turn. But I’m using it here because you’re gonna see it anyway when you click, but you can still go enjoy my lovely prose.

Odds ‘n Ends > OSM, Jitsu, Armorvor, Realm of the Underworld, Predator, Portal, DC Unlimited

The Four Horsemen are once again selling holiday editions of their Outer Space Men figures. The current set includes the Cyclops, Gemini and Orbitron.

Mattel released the packaging photo and bio for Jitsu earlier this week. Evidently Jitsu runs Snake Mountain after Skeletor leaves for space, which seems kind of out of left field to me. Was this solely for the “iron fist” joke? Because his fist is golden. Says right on the bio.

Review > He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe

First off, a very important caveat: this review is for the iPhone version of this game only. I have not played it on an iPad and I have reason to think the experience might be at least somewhat different. Moving on…

Review > Arkham Asylum Batman (Play Arts KAI, Square Enix)

The Arkham series of videogames is my favorite take on Batman since The Animated Series. Yes, I even like it more than the Nolan films, which are great but are bit too grounded in the real world to really feel entirely like Batman to me. Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City straddle the line between the grim and gritty realism of The Dark Knight Returns and the Dark Knight Trilogy while still giving us all the “unrealistic” villains like Mr. Freeze, Clayface and even Solomon Grundy.

Both Mattel and DC Collectibles has tried their hand at Arkham-based action figures. Mattel inexplicably allowed someone other than the Four Horsemen to sculpt Batman and several of the other figures, made them all out of scale with DCUC and half of them out of scale with each other, and gave them middling-to-bad articulation. DC Collectibles’ offerings have great sculpting but minimal articulation (although the upcoming Series 4 does appear to finally have ball-and-hinge hips).

So – where can one turn to for fully-articulated action figures based on the Arkham games? For now, the answer is Japan-based company Square Enix and their Play Arts KAI line.

The New He-Man Smartphone/Tablet Game is Out

Apparently I’ve been so distracted by other stuff lately, I missed the fact that the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe iOS game came out on October 25. I just downloaded it and will post my thoughts once I’ve had time to play it. Android versions are reportedly coming too.

In the meantime, here are a few reviews I found via a quick Web search:

Pic of the Day > Uncharted by DEADPOOLISTHEMAN316



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