Two joints

I’ve got a poll on the sidebar regarding whether, given the choice of one or the other on a (human) action figure, you would prefer double-jointed elbows or double-jointed knees. I know which one I’d choose, and I’m going to talk about that in an upcoming post. But I’m curious: why do you prefer the […]

Poe’s Evolving(?) Thoughts on Bios

I’ve been going back and re-reading some of my oldest toy reviews lately (partly in an effort to get my reviewing mojo back, I’ll admit). In the course of doing so I came across some statements I made that, in light of more recent developments, seemed pretty amusing. From my review of the Spawn: The […]

Poe Through the Years

Ever since the inception of this site, I’ve had some sort of graphic avatar to represent the “Poe Ghostal” character. I thought it might be fun to do a quick rundown of the various versions of Poe’s look that we’ve had through the years. This was Poe’s very first look, from the site’s very first […]

New comment system

Just a heads-up: I’ve decided to try out a new commenting system, and I’ll be switching over to it today. So commenting may be a little wiggy for a bit. UPDATE: Aaaaand I didn’t like that new system at all, so never mind!

A Dynamic Debate at Dork Dimension

Not that this topic hasn’t been argued to death before, but I thought I’d point you all to a discussion going on over at Dork Dimension about “collectibles vs. fun toys.” It grew out of the comments section of a review in which Nathan of DD had a side-rant about “collectibles.” I’ve made a few long-winded […]

Call for Help Completing My MOTUC Reviews

As I mentioned a while back, I’m now officially a cherry picker on Masters of the Universe Classics. This includes selling off some of the figures I don’t want as they arrive from this year’s subscription. In addition, my interest in MOTUC has, not waned per se, but become more moderated, so that I’ve even […]

Mars Attacks Review Addendum: The State of Mezco

Poe’s Note: I wrote this as a preamble to my Mars Attacks Martian Commander review before deciding it was a bit too off-topic.  Still, I hate to throw away content, so feel free to read and discuss. It’s been a long time since I bought a Mezco figure. Mezco was arguably my favorite toy company […]

Monster Month > Poe’s Past Monster Reviews

In celebration of Monster Month, here are some of my past reviews of monstrous toys: Talos (Ray Harryhausen) Witch-King Ringwraith Berserker the Troll (Viking Spawn) Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Darkness from Legend Predator 2 (McFarlane Toys) Bandai 6″ Godzilla, Titanosaurus, Mechagodzilla 2 Aoshima Alien Cthulhu Plastic Figure Hellboy Kriegaffe #10 Jake (Attack of the Living Dead) Earl (Attack […]