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Odds ‘n Ends > Caesar Ape Figure, Art Asylum News, ToyGuru on the Mighty Spector

  • Out of nowhere comes this super-articulated Caesar from Rise of the Planet of the Apes from Hiya Toys. It’s available for preorder at BBTS for $25. He’ll have alternate heads, hands, and other accessories.
  • I was a bit disappointed in Art Asylum’s early Universal Monsters offerings due to their limited articulation, but it looks like they’ll be making up for that with their upcoming Metaluna Mutant and Phantom of the Opera figures. I’m seeing hip hinges there. The Mutant will come with an Interocitor, which will finally allow me to put those MST3K figures I got with my box sets into some sort of a display.
  • In other Art Asylum news, they revealed pics of their Avengers Hulk, and again, he’s looking great and well-articulated. Even better, due to the Hulk’s imprecise size, he’ll fit in perfectly with other Art Asylum figs or your 6″ Hasbro Avengers figures.
  • There’s something interesting cooking up over at Onell Designs…namely, some sort of new vinyl variable hub-system.
  • MOTUCFigures.com has an interview with Scott Neitlich about the Mighty Spector.
  • On a more personal note, PGPoA recently regained the average number of pageviews/visits it had before Poe’s Great Ennui of 2011 began last spring. I want to thank you all for sticking it out during that dull time. I hope you’ve been enjoying the site more as of late – I know I have. And I’ve got some fun stuff planned ahead. Keep reading!

Onell Designs’ The Rig on sale now (update: SOLD OUT)

The Rig, which Matt Doughty was working on when I interviewed him and I’ve been waiting for ever since, is finally on sale at Onell’s store for $25 each. If you loved all those fun vinyl anime toys in the 1980s (like this set, which I once owned), I think you should go buy one.

But don’t take my word for it–not yet, anyway. Here’s Battlegrip’s review of the Rig. Between Gygor and this, September 15 was a big day for toys I’ve been waiting for.

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